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Lovelies, I know that one everyone’s blog they have a certain persona or thing they’re known for so I decided to make this page. It’s a chance for another blogger to write whatever they feel like. Whatever inspires them, whatever they feel. I love meeting new bloggers and I make many new friends. If you like what they post here, be sure to check out their blog, it’s just as amazing

Guest Blogger: Alicia H. of

Well, my name is Alicia and I am fifteen years old. I live in the prarie state of Illionois. I have one younger sister. I am 5’7″. When I grow up, I want to be happy. I haven’t thought of the rest. I am such a busy person, with school, golf, basketball, badminton, after school classes, clubs, and making time for friends, I’m booked.

Likes: writing, taking pictures, listening to music, singing, water, math, vitamin water, apple pie, computers, soft hair, good smelling shampoo, movies, school supply shopping

Dislikes: reading (well books that are chosen for me), people :), school, the fat on pork chops, people who walk slow, going to bed late, goats with no ears…

Well, hello everyone. My name is Alicia, and today I get the opportunity to guest blog on this blog. Well, let’s just start off with the fact that I have been pondering what to write about every since I was asked to guest blog about. Well, my blog is all about my journey through weight loss. So, I figured I would do something weight loss related.

A lot of people make excuses when it comes to exercise, like, “I’m too busy.” “I’m tired.” “I don’t have motivation,” and “Gym memberships are too expensive.” Well, all of these things are easy to change.

  1. ‘I’m too busy’- The workouts I’m about to show you will take thirty or less      minutes each day and they will burn just as many or more calories as a 60      minute run.
  2. ‘I’m tired.’- Well, sucks to suck. If you want to look good then sorry, you’re going to      be tired and sore now and then, but in the end it pays off.
  3. ‘I  don’t have motivation.”- Well, check out my blog and look at the bottom of      each of my posts for motivation, or just type in workout motivation on google images. Or, imagine yourself at you goal weight, yeah, yeah, that’s some motivation right there for you, isn’t it?
  4. ‘Gym memberships are too expensive.”- All of these workouts you can do from      home. All that you well need is gym shoes, yoga mat (optional) and some hand weights depending on the exercise.

Anyway, so I am going to tell you all about some quick workouts that I have done and I enjoy, because well, I am awesome.

1. The TV Commercial Workout.

So, sleeping burns more calories than watching TV, until now.

For Every: Do:
Car Commercial Jog in place until commercial ends
Fashion/Shopping Commercial 30 crunches
Food/restaurant commercial 30 jumping jacks
Jewelry Commercial 20 squats/lunges
Travel Commercial Plank for entirety
Healthy/Beauty Commercial 20 hip raises
Movie trailer 30 Russian twists
Commercial for TV Show 40 high knees
Fitness Commercial Exercise of Choice!
Misc. Waite Break.
  1. Cardio      and Leg Pyramids
20 High knees 20 Squats
40 Butt kicks 30 Lunges (One leg)
80 Jumping Jacks 40 toe touches
100 Seconds running in place 50 second wall sit
80 Jumping Jacks 100 Jumping jacks
40 Butt Kicks 50 second wall sit
20 High knees 40 Toe Touches
  30 lunges (Other leg)
20 Squats  



  1. World’s      Fastest Workout
    • 20       seconds Squat Thrust
    • 10       seconds Rest
    • 20       seconds Mountain climbers
    • 10       second Rest
    • 20       seconds High knees
    • 10       seconds Rest
    • 20       seconds Jumping Jacks
    • 10       seconds Rest
    • 20       seconds Squat Thrust
    • 10       seconds Rest
    • 20       seconds Mountain Climbers
    • 10       seconds Rest
    • 20       seconds High Knees
    • 10       seconds Rest
    • 20       seconds Jumping Jacks
    • 10       seconds Rest
    • Done!


  1. The      30-Day Shred. This is a Jillian Michaels that I lost 22 pounds because of      it last summer. You can find the videos here…


There you go. Some really quick and result-proven workouts if you have five minutes or 30 minutes.


Happy Shredding



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